We have collected some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for your convenience. Should you have any further queries or need specific details, please contact our support team.

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1. Installation
2. Registering at Ricardo's Casino
3. Logging in
4. Deposits and Withdrawals
5. Playing the Games
6. Security
7. Customer Support
8. Legalities
9. Game Play
10. How to Play
11. Promotions

1. Installation

1.1 How do I download the free software?

Click on any DOWNLOAD button to start the software download. Once the download is complete, "RUN" the RicardosCasino.exe program to start the installation. Typically the downloaded file will appear on your desktop. Double-click the Ricardo's Casino icon to start the program. Please make a note of where you are saving the download file, so that you can find the file after the download is complete.

1.2 What do I do once the download is complete?

You are now ready to install the casino software. If you are not prompted to open the file, then double-click on the Ricardo's Casino icon file, which you will find in the folder that you saved it to. Typically your downloaded files end up on your desktop.

If you do not remember where you saved the file then click the Start menu at the bottom left of your screen, then select "Search" and click "For Files and Folders". Follow the instructions to search for a file called RicardosCasino.exe. When you have found the file, double-click on it to start the casino. If you have any problems getting started, please contact us.

1.3 What is the installation file called?


1.4 What are the minimum and recommended system requirements?

Minimum requirements:

Pentium II 500 or better, DirectX, 64 MB memory or better, sound card, SVGA screen capable of 16-bit color. The casino software works with Windows 98 and newer. A version of the casino software is planned for the Mac platform. Watch for it soon.

1.5 How do I find and start Ricardo's Casino?

Make sure you are connected to the Internet and then double-click on the Ricardo's Casino icon on your desktop. If there is no Ricardo's Casino icon on your desktop, then follow these steps:

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2. Registering at Ricardo's Casino

2.1 How do I register at the Casino?

Registration is easy and only takes a minute. Connect to the Internet and run the casino software. The first time you run the casino you will first choose whether to play for fun money (for free) or for real money. Then the registration screen is displayed. Enter the required information and click "Register".

2.2 What is the minimum amount of gaming credits I need to purchase?

Before you can play for real money you must make a deposit. In order to start playing online, you will need to purchase a minimum of $/€/£ 25 worth of casino chips.

2.3 Do I have to pay to try out the games?

You may play the games in FREE money mode for as long as you like. If you are unfamiliar with any of our games, we encourage you to learn them and get familiar with them by playing with fun money.

2.4 For how long will my fun account be active?

Fun accounts never expire. You are welcome to remain a fun player for as long as you like.

2.5 Can I purchase more fun money casino chips?

Yes. Click on the "Cashier" button in the Lobby, or from within any game. Click the "Set Balance" button inside the cashier, enter the balance you would like and click "Set Balance". In fun money mode, you may set your balance to whatever you like.

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3. Logging in

3.1 How do I log in to Ricardo's Casino?

Connect to the Internet and start the casino software as described in the answer to "How do I find and start Ricardo's Casino?" - found in point 1 above. The first thing you see will be a screen asking you whether you want to play for fun money or real money. Click on one or the other and you will see the login screen. Enter your username and password (if they are not already entered for you) and click Login.

3.2 What is my username and/or password?

Your password is case-sensitive and must be entered the same way each time you log in. If you have forgotten your password or account number, contact a customer service representative for assistance. Remember to have your registration details handy. In order to comply with our strict policies on account details, we are only able to provide players account details after positively identifying a player over the phone.

3.3 I forgot my password, what should I do?

On the login screen, there is a link titled "Click here if you have forgotten your password." If you click there, a new password will be e-mailed to you.

3.4 What if I try logging in and it does not connect?

This may be due to a bad or slow connection with your Internet Service Provider. Disconnect and reconnect to the Internet and try again. If you still have problems connecting, please contact customer support.

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4. Banking

4.1 Are my transactions secure?

Yes. Ricardo's Casino uses 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect each and every transaction. This is the same Internet security standard adhered to by all major financial institutions.

4.2 How do I purchase credits?

We offer several easy ways to make a deposit at Ricardo's Casino. For more details see our Banking page.

If you have any queries with regards to banking, please contact our support team.

4.3 How do I cash-out my winnings?

Please note that it is not necessary for you to cash-out your winnings at the end of each session. You can always leave a balance in your account and it will be waiting for you the next time you login. Do not worry about forgetting you have a balance as we will send you an e-mail reminder if you have not played in a while and have a balance!

You may of course cash-out your money at any time. Ricardo's Casino offers several methods for cashing out and the details are listed on our banking page.

4.3.1 Reversal of a cash-out

If you request a cash-out and change your mind before it is processed, you may reverse it and continue playing with those credits. If you have a cash-out that can be reversed, it will show up in the cashier when you try to make a deposit. You are unable to make a deposit while you have a cash-out pending as it is much easier to perform a reversal instead.

4.4 What fraud prevention and security measures are in place?

NEVER give your password out to anyone. Ricardo's Casino will never ask you for your password in an e-mail or over the phone. If anyone ever asks you for your password, please notify customer support immediately with the details.

Ricardo's Casino plays an active role in fraud prevention and detection. We do everything possible to ensure the integrity of customer accounts as well as payments made to customers. Ricardo's Casino employs a variety of appropriate security and fraud controls that monitor every transaction.

From time to time customers may be required to supply proof of identity, copies of their credit cards, a signed history of their transactions, or other documentation for verification and security purposes. If you are asked to verify your identity, you will only be asked once, unless required otherwise.

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5. Playing the Games

5.1 How do I download more games?

If there is a specific game that you want to play, click on the game icon. This game will begin downloading immediately. You can monitor the download progress by watching the progress bar that will appear. Please note that the download time is dependent on the speed of your Internet connection.

5.2 Why does it take so long to download new games?

The speed of your download depends on your Internet connection. Players with dial-up connections may have to wait several minutes for a game to download while those with high-speed connections will only need to wait seconds.

The size of the games varies and some games will take longer than others to download. Video slots and i-Slots are the largest games and they will therefore take longest. The rest of the games should download in under a minute. Once a game has been downloaded, it is saved on your computer and does not need to be downloaded again unless the game has been updated.

5.3 What if I get an error while downloading further games?

If you encounter any errors while downloading games the software will retry several times. If it is unsuccessful and displays an error message, please contact customer support.

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6. Security

6.1 Is my credit card number safe in your hands?

Yes, your personal Real Account number and password must be supplied prior to any credit card transaction. Particular details are also requested in order to purchase credits at the casinos. Ricardo's Casino guarantees secure data transfer during any transaction and undertakes never to disclose any credit card information or other information to any other company.

6.2 How safe is it to give my credit card details over the Internet?

Ricardo's Casino uses state-of-the-art encryption technologies which ensure that your personal and card information is protected at all times.

6.3 Are my account number and password safe?

Yes. The casino software uses 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when data is transferred over the Internet. Each player is issued with a unique account number and players choose their own password, which they alone can access.

6.4 Can I register a credit card at the casino that is not in my name?

Ricardo's Casino does not allow players to register credit cards of which they are not signatories. These measures are taken to protect you, the player and your credit cards and account.

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7. Support

7.1 What do I do if I need technical assistance?

Ricardo's Online Casino provides Email support to all casino players. Contact us 7 days a week if you have any questions, queries or suggestions. Our friendly operators are standing by.

7.2 Who do I contact if my question is not answered here?

You can contact us via Email. Simply click here to go to our customer support page.

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8. Legalities

8.1 What is the minimum age required to play?

This depends on where you live. You are required to be of the minimum age to gamble in your jurisdiction.

8.2 Is the information secure?

Yes! One of Ricardo's Casino's highest priorities is security. To be able to provide the highest privacy available we use the SSL4 protocol with 256-bit encryption. The system allows the highest security and integrity for all the information that passes to and from our server.

These precautions prevent access by unauthorized third parties. Apart from regular reports (which are sent to our customers via email), we strongly recommend all our players to make full use of the Transfer and Wagering history available in the cashier.

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9. Game Play

9.1 What are my chances of winning?

The payouts of our games vary. All games results are determined by Rival's cryptographically secure random number generator, which has been independently tested and confirmed to provide suitably random sequences of numbers. Independent auditors audit payouts from time to time. Depending on the game, the system may use a single deck or multiple decks that are shuffled before every wager.

9.2 What happens if I lose my connection to the gaming server?

If the gaming server received the bet it will be recorded and the result will be displayed after your Internet connection comes back. If the gaming server does not receive the bet you will either see the result of your previous bet or you will be asked to complete the unfinished bet.

9.3 Why do the slot wheels just keep spinning and without stopping?

This is caused by poor Internet performance. The results from the server are not reaching your computer, therefore the slot wheels keep spinning as they have not received the message telling them when and where to stop. If you close the program and run it again you will be refreshed to the last known position.

9.4 Why does the Roulette ball just keep spinning and without stopping?

This is caused by poor Internet performance. The results from the server are not reaching your computer, therefore the roulette ball keep spinning as they have not received the message telling them when and where to stop. If you close and run the program again, you will be refreshed to the last known position.

9.5 Why do the cards not flip over during a hand?

This is caused by poor Internet performance. The gaming server will hold the wager until it can resolve the bet.

9.6 How can I view exactly what cards have been dealt?

You may view your wagering history in the Cashier. Click "My Details" and "Wager History". Your complete wagering history is available. You can view your history from the date of sign up.

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10. How to Play

10.1 How Do I Open an account?

Opening an account at Ricardo's Casino is as simple as these 5 easy steps:

Click on any DOWNLOAD button to start the software download. Once the download is complete, run the CasholotCasino.exe program to start the installation.

Typically the downloaded file will appear on your desktop. Double-click the Ricardo's Casino icon to start the program. Please make a note of where you are saving the download file, so that you can find the file after the download is complete.

10.1.1 Guaranteed Security

Ricardo's Casino offers its players complete security in their dealings with the casino. All transactions across the Internet are encrypted using state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption technology and games in progress are saved if the link between player and casino is interrupted for any reason.

10.1.2 Fairest odds and loosest slots!

Ricardo's Casino online casino is proud to offer only the fairest games to its players. Our payouts are reviewed by independent auditors. For payout percentages please check the Help page for the games you are interested in by clicking 'Help' from within any game.

10.2 Exciting competitions and prizes!

Exciting competitions and prizes are available from time to time. Ricardo's Casino members are most welcome to participate in all the competitions run by the casino. The Casino Manager will be in contact via email to inform players of upcoming competitions and promotions.

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11. Promotions

11.1 What are promotions?

Promotions are a way for Ricardo's Casino to create value for its players. They are offered as incentives to deposit and play, as rewards for loyal players and even as gifts on special occasions. Promotions are typically offered as bonus money, but can also be in the form of bonus comp points.

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11.2 What are wagering requirements?

Promotions typically have wagering requirements associated with them. That means that there is a minimum amount of play required after claiming a promotion before you can withdraw your winnings. The amount you must play to meet the wagering requirements is a lot less than the average player would ordinarily play. Wagering requirements are typically completed in a couple hours of play (often much less) and the average player plays longer than that.

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11.3 Can I tell my friends?

Absolutely! If you enjoyed playing at Ricardo's Casino we encourage you to tell your friends about your wins. In fact, if you refer a friend using the Refer-a-Friend page in the cashier we will add a $/£/€ 50 bonus to your account after your friend has deposited at least $/£/€ 50 and wagered.

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